Family Photos

Guest article provided by Theresa Wright of BKYD Life

Do you send Holiday Cards to friends and family? Photo cards are such a nice way to stay in touch and allow loved ones to see how your family is growing.


One of the first topics to consider is whether or not you will use a photographer or the timer on your camera or phone.

If you opt for a professional photographer, they can guide you in great local locations, outfit ideas and themes for your shoot. Of course, that all comes with a cost. Need help finding a photographer? Click here for a list of photographers for many markets world wide. 

Maybe you don’t want or need the guidance of a professional. Do you know a friend that is an amateur photographer that will help you out? Great, get on their schedule soon!

What about using a tripod and the timer on your camera or phone? That is always an option. You know you have great ideas, maybe even a fabulous backyard to showcase as your backdrop. I wrote an article on my site, BKYD Life, with 5 tips for capturing fun in the backyard.

What to Wear

The best tip I can give is to have everyone wear something they like. You won’t have an enjoyable photo shoot if anyone is complaining about their clothes being itchy!

Pick a color or style theme, then let your family members choose what they want within those parameters. This way each person will be able to show their personality while still coordinating with the group.

Need more specific ideas? Check out this post by blogger, Caitlin Houston. She shares great tips to coordinate, not match. She even has examples for different styles. If you are stressed out just thinking of photo shoot outfits, her article is a must read.

Pick a Backdrop

How about your front or back yard? Not only will your friends and family get the opportunity to glimpse your home and play area, your children will feel comfortable in the space. A candid shot of your family having fun on your play structure or trampoline is always a winner.

Another option, if you want to step away from your home, is to go to a favorite spot in town. Are you regulars at a local park or restaurant? Using that as your back drop is fun and allows loved ones far away to see both your family and where you live.

Family photos are a great way to share memories with friends and extended family. They are also an opportunity to make new memories with your immediate family. Have fun creating them. Include your family in the planning of the photo shoot. Everyone is always more willing to participate when their ideas are part of the plan.

The ideas of a wonderful photo shoot are limitless. Use your imagination, better yet, get your children involved. Your family will look forward to the photo shoot every year. Those on your mailing list will too!

Photo credit: Pixabay